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Ben Kirman

Ben Kirman


Ben is a Senior Lecturer in Interactive Media at the Digital Creativity Labs at the University of York. He has over 20 years experience as a creative technologist, working with dozens of organisations in design and prototyping playful experiences. His research uses game design and playful design to explore the complex effects of emerging technologies. The unifying theme is play – as a topic of study, a way of working, for research insight, and as expression or output in games or playful experiences.

About the talk: Digital Creativity Sparks

In this session, we start to look forward to the exciting possibilities of CONCRETE UTOPIAS, the third theme of productions to come from PlayOn! Partners in 2023. In this session we will explore a series of creative uses of technology from Digital Creativity Labs, through a series of micro-talks and video “sparks”. This is also accompanied by a custom app that can be used to explore the potential of mobile phones as storytelling aides in cities and on the streets. Although these productions seem so far in the future, we can start to think ahead, find resonant concepts that can lead to conversations, co-productions and kindle new ideas as the project continues.