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Claudio Milani

Claudio Milani


Claudio Milani founded and works in a small italian theater company: MOMOM. His performances are dedicated to childhood and its world. On stage he creates new fairy tales with themes that are important to human beings: fear, death, identity, integration, emotions. Through the use of narration assisted by modern technologies, his artistic creations create intense moments of emotional involvement. His shows are represented and programmed in Italy by the main production centers for new generations’ theatre.

About the talk

MOMOM uses technology to control automated elements that are perfectly integrated into the dramaturgy of the shows. In the shows of MOMOM you can see: helium-inflated balloons that move freely on the stage in a coordinated dance, wool sticks that move synchronized as if they were crossed by the wind, fireflies flying in the black of the night, mechanical trees that bloom in a lot of colors and flying butterflies. All this automated system is controlled by Max/Msp with Ethernet/OSC communication and ST Microcontrollers. MOMOM continually searches for new fairy tales’ words and tries to put on stage symbolic elements to reach a varied audience. Technology can serve to this scope, looking for answers to the question: what can be done on stage today that once could not be done?