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Claudius Lazzeroni

Claudius Lazzeroni


Claudius Lazzeroni was raised Prussian in Bavaria from 1965, the child of a German photographer and an Italian alchemist. As a trained photographer, graduated media designer, he advocates a new multimedia understanding at many companies. His own agency "im stall" was for some years a center of attraction for interesting personalities between art and commerce in Berlin. Since 1999 he has been a professor of interface design at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, exploring the dramaturgy of the space in between and the power of improvisation. Dramaturgy of the space in between. The main focus is the elaboration of new criteria for the basis of design work with non-linear media. This means creating instruments to be able to deal with media information and emotions in a sovereign way as a human being. This requires the development of new information structures and leads to previously unthought-of forms of dramaturgy. With his publications he has created standard works for generative design: 2009 generative design (german/french/english/japanese) / editor / coauthor; 2018 generative design P5.js (german/english/japanese) / coauthor.

About the talk: SEKLAKI (sensor klang kiste)

A system of different sensor and tracking possibilities specialiced for an easy use on stage with little technological knowhow. The goal is an easy control of sound, light and visuals with makro and micro movements of different bodies.