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Dominik Scherm

Dominik Scherm


Dominik Scherm — founder, engineer, designer. Beginning of 2021 he founded the interaction company, which is redefining virtual and hybrid events. Taking engagement to the next level is collaborating close with PlayOn! to take theatre to the next level.

About the talk: Live Feedbacking in interactive theater

How can we involve our audience in a theatre play in a meaningful, positive and organized way? How do we avoid the risks of uncertainty in interaction and feedback and instead foster deeper connection between the audience and the story? Can we add live feedbacking to the narrative that is non-disruptive, seamless and complies to hygiene restrictions?

In this session we will explore opportunities and risks of interaction and feedbacking in theatre, while demonstrating different artistic ways to incorporate them by the means of a simple tool you can test in real-time with us.