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Enrique Tomás

Enrique Tomás


Enrique Tomás is a sound artist and researcher who dedicates his time to finding new ways of expression and play with sound, art and technology. His work explores the intersection between sound art, computer music, locative media and human-machine interaction. He has exhibited and performed throughout Europe and America at the spaces of ZKM, Ars Electronica, Sónar, IRCAM, STEIM, etc. Tomás is also an active researcher on the field of new interfaces for musical expression and immersive audio. He is postdoc affiliated to the Tangible Music Lab of the University of Art and Design of Linz, and his research has been presented at international peer-reviewed conferences like NIME, ICMC, SMC, TEI and TENOR.

About the talk: How can the Arts help the development of immersive audio?

The history of immersive sound, despite how much the concept seems to appear connected to a 21th-century buzzword, it is not at all new. Modern binaural dummy heads used today do not categorically differ from the devices used by Fletcher in the 1930s. In the 1970s, Ambisonics came after the ruins of quadraphonic commercial recordings. The exploration of non-physical spatial audio seems still quite enframed by the actual limitations of 3D audio rendering technologies. In this context, how can the Arts help the scientific development of 3D immersive sound? In my talk, I will argue that artistic methods like allegory, metaphor, abstraction and narrative can help the development of immersive sound. I will present examples from personal projects developed with the platform noTours, musical compositions and mixed reality projects.