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Franziska Ritter

Franziska Ritter


Franziska Ritter is a scenographer, musician and educator and works interdisciplinary in the fields of art, culture and theatre. After studying architecture at TU Berlin and film and photography in London she was co-founder of the master programme Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum TU Berlin. At the moment she is doing her PhD about the Visual Image of Theatre Architecture. In 2019 together with Pablo Dornhege she founded digital.DTHG - die digital competence centre of the DTHG / german OISTAT centre. In their research project “Im/material Theatre Spaces” they are investigating the potentials of VR and AR for theatre.

About the talk: SPATIAL ENCOUNTERS - Co-Creation in a hybrid real stage experience

Theatre has always been a pioneer for the development and application of new technologies, it is a place for artistic and technical innovation, experimentation and research. So how can new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality unfold their potentials in front of, behind and on stage - as a creative design tool, as a construction aid for virtual building rehearsals, as a didactic teaching and learning space, or as an extended stage for the arts? Focus point of this impulse will be the experience "Spatial Encounters" - a hybrid-real space in which artists and audience meet and become both actors and designers of a co-created experience. Through their movements and their relationships in the space, the visitors create a visual scenery that is then interpreted musically by a live ensemble. What constitutes a co-creative process? What are the potentials and limits of such a hybrid space?