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Fred Adam & Geert Vermeire

Fred Adam & Geert Vermeire


Fred Adam is a New Media explorer, co-founder of CGeomap project and founder of the Lab GPS Museum. He is also a researcher and Art Director in outdoors spatial narratives. He is especially interested in the exploration of the world with smartphones in time and space.

For the workshop he is assisted by Geert Vermeire, a curator, artist, poet with a focus on spatial writing, locative sound & performance and social practices, integrating collaborative processes, within an ecological framework.

About the talk: Collaborative Locative Time Media with CGeomap

As a transdisciplinary collective we explore Locative Time Media, with more than a decade of experience. We created the locative media platform CGeomap, a web technology combining an interactive map on the computer with a mobile walking webapp. Our easy to use tool is a playground for many creators, uncovering a new place-based and interactive language for multi-layered storytelling. CGeomap is not making products, but processes of collaborative creation and sharing of local experiences globally. Every project is a new collaboration, allowing you and your group to build an own project, for better resilience and environmental awareness. During the workshop “Alphabet of the City” we gamify a map, for peace, and we offer a one week trial of CGeomap to build yourself a mini-project.