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Johanna Jäger

Johanna Jäger


Johanna Jäger is a german dramaturg and theatre mediator. Since 2016 she is deputy director of at Landesbühnen Sachsen in Radebeul/Saxony. Here main focus is the transformation of the theatre meditation program due finding new partners with interdisciplinary, international projects and innovative artistic digital formats. For this purpose, she worked with the performance group machina eX and produced the theatre game with mixed technologies „Berlin@Play / Sax@Play“.

About the talk: BERLIN@PLAY / SAX@PLAY - and everybody learns

A theatre game of mixed realities was created at the Landesbühnen Sachsen: SAX@PLAY. It was a long way from the idea to the premiere along with a lot of partners. Within a year 'Sax@Play' was developed in several production phases. Artists and employees of the Landesbühnen Sachsen, but also partners from the region, have familiarized themselves with selected immersive techniques. Various game concepts were developed in a hackathon, which took Franz Kafka's novel 'The Castle' as a starting point. From this material the app was developed together with Expanding Focus. This collaboration between the theatre house and the technology company was the core of the production. Only with a common language can worlds be built at the interface between game and theatre.