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Julian Jungel

Julian Jungel


Julian works as lecturer for creative technology at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin and is focused on the space where storytelling and craftsmanship, music, animation and digital technology meet. Together with the students he develops ways to tell stories of our current and our future society through games and participatory theatre. Furthermore he helped build Tinkertank, a non-profit initiative aiming to reanimate creativity in kids, youths and adults with the help of agile technology. He curates workshops on games, animatronics, robotics, VR, wearables – anything that can be built from or enhanced with electronic scrap.

About the talk: Designing accessibility in Augmented Reality

Welcome to the European PlayOn Space Center Launch Pad. All systems are green, ready for launch. Main engine start. 3 – 2 – 1 - … Liftoff! We take you on a journey through a solar system of exciting tools for “digital theater”. First we will visit the planet of microcontrollers, have a short conversations with its inhabitants and maybe even see how they secretely build circuits by themselves (!). Afterwards we will visit the two-moon planet of audiovisual productions, where we will find another ton of tools. Best is: lots of them are free and we are allowed to take them with us. Our journey will end with the third planet: a multicultural zone of realtime video effects. Species from all the other planets are here as well, but new mutations are also growing up fast.