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Krzysztof Haberko

Krzysztof Haberko


Krzysztof Haberko was studying material engenering at Military Academy of Technology in Warsaw. He is a thinker, his interests covers from linux/Raspberry Pi, basic electronics, through computer networking to analog and digital communication via amateur radio. He is associated with Copernicus Science Center for almost 4 years, for about 2,5 years he looks after and maintains exhibits and also the CSCs Robotic Theatre.

About the talk

Robotic Theatre at Copernicus Science Center is a place, where special robots - RoboThespians, impersonate into many characters and tell children one of Stanislaw Lem's Tales of Robots an Edwin A. Abbott's creatures of Fourth Dimmension - 'The Secret Of An Empty Drawer' -- for almost 12 years. I would like to present the robots, their magnificent work, efforts and challenges to maintain the robots, for every performance to be immaculate, with a happy ending.