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Lucy Hammond

Lucy Hammond


Lucy is currently Projects Producer at Pilot Theatre. As Creative Producer her most recent projects include ’The Archive’, an interactive game exploring happiness and the VR experience ‘Monoliths’, celebrating the voices of women from the North of England and the northern landscape. Lucy’s 2019 VR piece, ‘Traitor’ which combines virtual reality, film and a live actor premiered in competition at Tribeca Film Festival in 2019.

About the talk: Three women. Three voices. The northern landscape.

Three stories open the world of the northern English landscape in virtual reality, what it means to come from it, live in it and belong to it. Monoliths is a new virtual reality experience by Pilot Theatre combing new writing from three female poets from the North of England alongside the real soundscapes from three different locations all brought together with magical renderings of the English landscape. Lucy Hammond, Creative Producer for the piece will describe the process behind the making of this project and provide sneak peeks into the visuals and soundscapes behind the experience.