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Susanne Schuster / Ricardo Gehn

Susanne Schuster / Ricardo Gehn


The independent media and performance group OutOfTheBox consists of the media artist and software developer Ricardo Gehn and the dramaturge Susanne Schuster. They have been working on speculative software since 2017 and design performative spaces between performance, media art and game design. Their work is characterised by the development of their own software and hardware, which enables a variety of participation and immersive experiences for their audience.

About the talk: Designing accessibility in Augmented Reality

Fundamentals of OutOfTheBox’s work with digital technologies in performative art are collaboration, audience co-creation and interaction. Their recent work „CommunityDriven. A smart city generator“, invites citizens to rethink technologies in terms of living in the city and collects personal perspectives. The participants of the Augmented Reality Installation explore visions for smart cities based on documentary interviews and speculate together about possible futures for the city. In the lecture, Susanne Schuster and Ricardo Gehn will provide insights into their production process and reflect on practices of accessibility when designing and interacting with augmented reality technologies.