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Pola Weiß (Moderation)

Pola Weiß (Moderation)


Pola Weiß is an independent journalist from Berlin. She has been blogging about storytelling in immersive media on “VR Geschichten” ( since 2017 and gives consultation to VR/AR creatives on questions of dramaturgy. Additionally, she writes copy for companies revolving around IT, tech, as well as virtual and augmented reality. Previously, she worked for about 4 years as an editor of documentary formats, web-videos and interactive transmedia projects in television (SWR/Arte, Deutsche Welle).

About the talk: VR Geschichten

“VR Geschichten” ( is a blog in English and German founded by Pola Weiß. The big question is: How do we tell a good story in virtual reality? There yet is no answer, but many promising attempts. “VR Geschichten” accumulates explorations and findings into existing solutions, delves into literature, scours the internet, asks experts, observes craftspeople and creative types… The blog is meant for intrigued filmmakers, storytellers, and people curious to hear about the fascinating stories revolving around this subject.