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Silke Grabinger & Amir Bastan

Silke Grabinger & Amir Bastan


In her work Silke Grabinger connects urban and contemporary dance with performative and fine arts. Thereby she deals critically with social phenomenona, artistic paradigms and the role of the audience. Since 2017 she is researching and experimenting within the field of Dance & Robotics. Currently, she is a PhD candidate and a researcher at the Creative Robotics Labor.

As a new media artist with a background in fine arts and philosophy, Amir explores ways of designing narratives within computer arts and creative coding. Amir has been working as a programmer and concept developer for art-based studios realizing projects for robotics, data visualization, computer vision and physical computing. Teaching is essential in his artistic practice. As an external lecturer at the UfG Linz, Amir is teaching “Creative Coding” – a programming course for artists, and “Sequence of Meaning” – a theoretical course on analytical approach to new media arts.

About the talk: S - Split Subject

The performative Research of Dancer and Choreographer Silke Grabinger and Artist and programmer Amir Bastan are investigating subjectivity in Human Robot Interaction. The use Spot (Boston Dynamics), the programming language VL, a performer and a body, choreography as an intangible interface, and questioning how to deal with desire.