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Steffen Armbruster

Steffen Armbruster


Steffen worked for many years in the field of immersive spatial media installations. He was responsible for the production of numerous visual installations worldwide. In 2014 he had the idea of an immersive installation based just on sound, to connect space and audience by sound. As he could not find such a system, he and his partner Ulrike Dziallas worked on that idea until, in 2015, they found the company FRAMED immersive projects to develop the system usomo.

About the talk: usomo

usomo is an immersive audio system that offers completely new possibilities to use sound in space. I will talk about the idea of the system, our work including the consultancy and development of spatial audio concepts and the spatial audio production. Based on different projects where usomo is used, I will introduce the multiple possibilities that usomo offers and how the users react to this new spatial sound experience.