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Teatr Ludowy

Teatr Ludowy


Piotr Froń (1994) — writer, dramtaurg, culture animator. 5th-year dramaturgy and directing student at the Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków. He debuted with „The Bible” directed by Michał Zadara (Nowy Theatre in Warsaw, 2018). As a dramaturg he created plays in theaters in Warsaw, Wrocław and Kraków. In 2021 he was holder of a Warsaw art scholarship and a Nowy Theatre scholarship (granted for innovation in the dramaturgy techniques and modern thinking about structure of the theatre performance).

Kamil Kamysz, PhD, UX & Interaction Design Consultant with over 12 years of experience. Interaction Design Studio Head in the Faculty of Industrial Design at Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. Conference speaker, lecturer and workshop leader. Passionate about complex and challenging projects. Specialized in cross-platform systems design.

KATARZYNA MINKOWSKA- theatre and video director, stage/set designer. Studied at The Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theater Academy in Warsaw and Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Recipient of the national scholarship MLODA POLSKA (2021). Showed her works at multiple showcases: Generation After 5. Showcase (Warsaw, Poland); Internationales Festival für Junges Theater FURORE (Germany); 23rd Theater Confrontations (Lublin, Poland); Festival of the Documentary Theater Sopot Non-Ficton 2020; 7th, 8th and 9th Young Directing Forum (ZAiKS Award and TR Debut Award) and many others.

Selected works:

RIP KORE (internet show) in TR Warszawa website 2020; STREAM in TR Warszawa, 2020; THE STRANGER in Teatr Polski in Poznan, 2021; APOKALIPSE: A DIARY an internet video diary during XI. Festival New Epiphany, 2021; and many others.

About the talk: „1984: Ministry of Love” is a performance set in the universe of George Orwell’s „1984”.

Our story:

Eighteen years ago two children escaped from the totalitarian reality of Oceania. Fugitives were considered enemies of the state. They were evaporated — all evidence of their existence was wiped out and their relatives were supposed to live like the children never existed. After eighteen years Thought Police found evidence of thoughtcrime — notebooks with drawings about the kids and made by the kids. Four characters — mother, father, sister and teacher — have been arrested. Now, in the Ministry of Love, they have to be questioned about the past, which — according to law — never happened.

In our presentation, we’ll show the main pillars of our process. Firstly — staging and the idea of a theatrical event, where the audience's decisions affect the characters' actions. Secondly — immersive technology that helps us connect the audience with the stage. And thirdly — dramaturgical ideas and text composition which connect interrogation and introspection.