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Tina Lorenz

Tina Lorenz


Tina Lorenz came of age in a galactic society of hackers, but went on to study Theatre Arts and American Literature in Vienna and Munich. She has worked in the past as lecturer for theatre history at the Akademie für Darstellende Kunst Bayern, as dramaturg at the Landestheater Oberpfalz and as specialist for digital communication at the State Theatre of Nuremberg. She is founding member of two hackspaces (labs for technology enthusiasts), themetalab Vienna and the Binary Kitchen Regensburg and is part of the jury at the Dortmund Academy for Theatre and Digitality, awarding fellowships to promising artists in the field of performing arts and digital media. Since 2020, she is the Project Lead for Digital Development at the State Theatre of Augsburg.

About the talk: The metaverse

The metaverse - the much-talked-about, as-yet mostly still imaginary 3D virtual world of interconnected nodes - has already been divvied up between large corporations and entrepreneurs. Or at least it seems that way. Having lost the battle of artistic freedom in the social web, web3 offers a new start to get things right from the beginning, all the while reflecting critically on digital power dynamics, democratic principles online and what artistic freedom means when all the space art can be produced in is privatized. In order to begin this conversation, we need to play in virtual spaces, explore what we as artists can bring to the table and how we can maybe shape the development of something that will maybe someday become as immersed in our daily lives as the social web is now. To this end, the State Theatre of Augsburg has created a SocialVR infrastructure called “Elektrotheater” for theatre, so we can learn and grow into new methods of performing in virtual spaces. Because you know the saying – Theatre has always been 3D.