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Travel (not) to Berlin and Krakow and visit (not) a guest performance of the Burgtheater Wien there - and all in one evening! We invite you to the Twitter theatre evening once again: A Twitter Theatre guest performance of Burgtheater Wien will take place as part of the HOPE! conference: For one evening, on 5 April 2022, the audience and the theatre will tell together on Twitter under the hashtag #HopeVorstellung about a performance that only takes place in your and our imaginations. The title of the play: Mother Hope and Her Children. The first part of the Twitter Theatre will (not) take place on the stage of the Berliner Ensemble, during the interval there will be (no) buses waiting on Bertolt-Brecht-Platz to take the audience to Teatr Ludowy in Krakow, where the curtain will go up for the second part of the non-performance. The audience and its fantastic performance are supported and fired up on Twitter by actors from the Burgtheater, the Berliner Ensemble, the Teatr Ludowy and other European PlayOn! theatres. The Burgtheater provides impulses from its official account @burgtheater. Twitter will be in the native languages of the actors and the audience, with Twitter's automatic translation programme providing AI poetry and understanding. The Twitter Theatre guest performance will take place as part of the conference 'HOPE! Dive In: Immersive theatre in extended spaces'. HOPE! is curated by PlayOn!, a European theatre network in which theatres and universities have joined together to understand, explore and apply immersive, digital technology to create new models of performance. As always, participation in the Twitter Theatre is open to everyone, even in countries where only VPN connections allow free internet access. The fee for the Twitter Theatre guest performance will be donated to Teatr Ludowy, which takes in and cares for refugees from Ukraine.

About the talk: About the format Twitter-Theatre-Evening - How to play along:

As part of the Twitter-Theatre-Evening format, the Burgtheater invites audiences to spend an evening imagining they are sitting in the theatre watching a performance. On Twitter you describe what you don't see on stage but could see, what you don't experience in the canteen but could experience, what friends you don't make in the theatre foyer but could make. The audience casts the roles as they wish, invents (and adds) characters and plot lines, devises stage sets and costumes, imagines staging tricks and mishaps, the stunning and the ridiculous, and tells about it on Twitter. It laughs and cries, is enraptured and keeps a critical distance. In this way, a very special performance emerges from the sum of all tweets, which are the sum of all performances. The next Twitter performance will take place on 5 April, details will follow soon. If you don't have a Twitter account but would like to create one, here's how: 1. go to and click on REGISTER. 2. enter your name and email address and click on CONTINUE 3. the prompt 'Customise your experienc' will appear, you don't need to tick anything here. Click on CONTINUE 4. you will now be sent a verification code. Enter the code 5. you are registered. This is how you then play along: 1. in the 'SEARCH TWITTER' box, type #HopeVorstellung and read tweets from others. If you click on the speech bubble, you can reply to other tweets. 2. In the 'CREATE TWEET' field, you can tweet from your imagination. Tell us: What is happening in the foyer? What do you see on stage? Always add the hashtag #HopeVorstellung to your tweets. Send. 3. the tweet is in a language you don't understand? Press the field 'Translate tweet', the text will automatically be translated into your language.